Best Laptop bags Under 1000 in India (2021)

best backpacks under 1000

In India, a backpack is generally used by every category of people. They are frequently used by college students and by the office workers who need to travel for their official work.

For a good backup which comes under your range and fulfills your needs is tough sometimes in the market full of brands and proving them the best and getting  confused in choosing a better bag for yourself. To ease your burden and save your time we have found the best backpacks under 1000 in India which will fulfill your needs as well as have the great design that you can carry anywhere. 

As India has 4 seasons and travelling with a bag which is heavy is quite tough in summers so everyone prefers that to have a little weight and easy to carry on the back so you don’t feel hassle in travelling.

Here are some best bags which will easily fulfill your requirements and you will feel good and worthy after purchasing that. So don’t waste your money here and there being confused if you are going to purchase try out to check this list of the best backpacks under 1000.

Best Backpacks Under 1000: Buyer’s Guide

We would like to guide you before buying a backpack you need to check something in that as you should know some points before buying anything so no one can cheat you by misguiding stupid properties.


First thing you need to check is durability and how durable the bag is. If you buy a pack and see that it is torn in a few weeks then you will feel that you wasted your money.

So look for the stuff and durability of the bag,it is not specified but you guess it by checking the stuff how good and durable it is.


Check for the material from which it is made up because the material is most important to have durability. If it is made up of light material it will be easily torn if you put a little more in that bag but if it is made up of good material then it hardly matters how much you put in that it will be good enough to carry that load, so check the material from which it is made.


To be cool in society you have to look for a good backpack design so you look while carrying it. There are various bags which look cool like a leather bag, cotton bag and many more. But it depends on your choice which you prefer.

These were some points that you have to take to look for before buying backpacks. The following are a list of the best backpacks under 1000.

Best Backpacks Under 1000 Reviews (2021)

1. HEROZ Harbour Unisex Laptop Backpack

HEROZ Harbour Unisex Laptop Backpack

HEROZ is one of the best backpacks brands that’s why I would like to put this on the top of my list. The HEROZ basic backpack ensures complete safety to your 17.3-inch laptop with a high-quality build and wide range of built-in features, With Dual Side Pocket In the inside of the bag, featuring a protective padding, you can rest assured that the laptop inside it will be well cushioned from any accidents caused when you bump into any surface.

As it is made of nylon, it can withstand abrasions and is long-lasting. A Front Pocket With An Organizer. It also features Reflector Logo and Reflector patch which is highly useful for motorists, cyclists, walking at night. The inner material is made of polyester. This backpack is also water-resistant.

  • Padded back
  • Spacious
  • Good material and zip quality
  • Nice design
  • Light in weight
  • No cons

2. Gear 30 Liters Black Laptop Backpack

Gear 30 Liters Black Laptop Backpack

The bag has a premium look and feels to it. The back straps are sufficiently padded, such that carrying more weight would not be difficult. There are two main sections and two outer compartments, and two bottles carry pouches. The laptop compartment has a 360-degree protection facility.

It does not look excessively big and expands only when you fill it. Overall, it is a sleek and beautiful design with minimal branding. Carry it with class. It comes with a 30liters  capacity and outer material is made up of polyester.

The company provides you a warranty of 1-year along with this bag.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Daisy loops for zips more helpful than you think
  • Nice deep compartments with solid padding between them
  • Walked in a heavy drizzle for about 250-300m and nothing got wet inside
  • Double water bottle compartments
  • Very heavy padding for the laptop compartment
  • They call it 360 degrees pro-tech
  • Both the top and bottom of the bag are well padded
  • A dry weight of the bag is pretty heavy
  • Not unmanageable however
  • Bag doesn’t expand easily in the forward direction
  • No dedicated rain cover
  • No waist strap

3. Harissons Polyester 33 Liter Black Laptop Backpack

Harissons Polyester 33 Liter Black Laptop Backpack

Harissons believe that travel should be full of fun and memories. We take pride in making stylish, high quality, and fun luggage that you can rely on. Harissons Xeno is made for the millennials and it is designed with the utmost consideration of style, comfort, and functionality.

The Harissons Polyester laptop backpack 33ltrs comes with the Ergogrip back straps which make it one of the most comfortable ones to carry around. This bag is a handy one in the rainy season because it comes with a separate rain cover.

It can carry your laptops, chargers, books, and files as it has ample space for placing things This laptop backpack is ideal for college and work.

  • This bag is an all-season bag as it is made of waterproof materials
  • You can also carry water bottles safely because of the presence of the water-bottle security system
  • The bag has sturdy shoulder straps that can bear up to 33 kg
  • It is a lightweight bag weighing only 720 grams
  • Waterproof technology
  • The water proof cover is not attached with a bag
  • It is bit high in price

4. F Gear Burner P8 20 Liters Casual Laptop Backpack

F Gear Burner P8 20 Liters Casual Laptop Backpack

This burner 20L bag from Gear comes with super-slim design, trendy looks, and durable construction and has got everything that will complement your youthful personality.

This is a spacious and unisex backpack that can be a great option for short road trips, college, and work. Its Ergonomic design is Crafted from polyester and this small backpack is sturdy enough to withstand regular wear and tear gracefully. 

It is featured with a cushioned base and internal back padding that gives you extra comfort. You can easily adjust its padded shoulder straps according to you and it is Spacious with four pockets and two main compartments, all with reverse specialty zippers, this bag offers you enough space to carry your books, files, coins, travel accessories, stationery, keys, and mobile accessories.

It comes with the F Gear promise of quality and 1-year warranty.

  • Spacious
  • 1year warranty
  • Light in weight
  • Cushioned back and back
  • Good quality zipper and stuff
  • No cons as such

5. COSMUS Darwin Navy Blue Laptop Backpack

COSMUS Darwin Navy Blue Laptop Backpack

This cosmus Darwin navy blue laptop backpack has 2 large compartments and front pockets for quick access. This bag has 2 mesh pockets for holding water bottles and an umbrella and you can easily put inside a maximum 15.6-inch screen size laptop.

In addition, the outer layer is made of durable PU coated Material and it’s polyester fabric makes it water-resistant. COSMUS gives you a 1year warranty for any manufacturing defects.

  • Durable PU material
  • Waterproof
  • Good in quality
  • 2pockets for umbrella and bottle
  • comparatively less spacious

6. Aristocrat 34 Liters Blue Laptop Backpack

Aristocrat 34 Liters Blue Laptop Backpack

Grid 1 laptop backpack blue is a funky looking, kids fashion backpacks from the best bag brands. Grid 1 is a 17″ Laptop-compatible backpack and has 4-compartments for additional space. Its outer layer is made of polyester and has a maximum capacity of 34 liters. It has a different type of lock that is a butterfly lock.

Aristocrat gives you the best quality products with a warranty of 1years.

  • Butterfly locks
  • 34ltrs capacity
  • 17″ laptop compartment
  • Spacious
  • 1-year warranty
  • No Cons it is a perfect choice

7. Amazon Basics 21 Liters Classic Backpack

Amazon Basics 21 Liters Classic Backpack

This bag has a lightweight property which is Compatible for daily uses. It is durable and good for school and college. It comes with a double zipper closure on the main compartment and a small zip pocket on the backside. Side pockets are, especially for bottles and umbrellas.

In addition, it has a 1-year warranty and has a laptop pocket in which you can easily keep a 15.6 inches laptop.

  • Light in weight
  • Side pockets for bottle and umbrella
  • Double zipper
  • Durable
  • Extra laptop pocket
  • Only 15.6inches laptop space is available
  • Less spacious

8. WeCool Canvas 15.6 inches Laptop bag

WeCool Canvas 15.6 inches Laptop bag

The WeCool Canvas laptop bag comes with two large compartments capable of carrying at least two laptops. You also have space for placing your cell phones, tablets, chargers, and other necessary accessories.

The front zipper pocket is enough spacious to keep your identity documents and wallets. It has unique S-shaped curved shoulder straps with heavy padding which ensures that users don’t feel any strain while carrying the laptop.

It also comes with anti-dust and anti-scratch synthetic leather bottom and with a water-resistant fabric that ensures your laptop and other items will remain safe in rainy weather.

  • Has enough space for accommodating a 15.6” laptop thereby earning the reputation for being the best 15-inch laptop backpack
  • Perfect choice for students, business persons, and office goers as it is an all-weather laptop bag
  • It is the best laptop bag for men and women alike
  • Waterproof technology
  • Anti-dust and anti-scratch synthetic leather bottom
  • Sometime there is seeping of water through the zippers
  • One can’t put laptop more than 15 inch

9. Lenovo Laptop Bag 15.6 inches backpack

Lenovo Laptop Bag 15.6 inches backpack

This Lenovo laptop bag is a compact backpack that can carry a 15-inches laptop with ease and has enough space for including the chargers and other appliances like cell phones and tablets.

There is a side pocket that enables you to place other important documents and has a customized notebook cradle and workstation section which makes this favourite of students and office goers alike.

The dual shoulder straps have adequate padding thereby reducing the strain on your shoulders. It is a durable and water-resistant laptop bag. Hence, washing it with water is easy.

The black colour gives it an elegant look. The bag comes at a decent price and can qualify as the best laptop backpack under ₹ 1000.

  • Sturdy as well as elegant
  • Attractively priced
  • Spacious enough to hold all your laptop accessories
  • Water-resistant
  • Favorite of students
  • Cannot carry big laptops such as 17-inch ones

10. F Gear Burner P8 20 Liters Casual Laptop Backpack

F Gear Burner P8 20 Liters Casual Laptop Backpack

This casual laptop backpack is a lightweight one as it weighs only 400 gm but it is strong enough to carry your 13-inches laptop and accessories. The bag has a small one in the sense that there is only one compartment.

This laptop bag is an all-weather backpack as it is made of water-resistant polyester and the interiors of this bag have sufficient cushioning to protect your laptop and other appliances.

The shoulder straps have adequate padding. Therefore, it is comfortable to carry this bag around. It also has  Four pockets which are sufficient for you to place your wallets and other small documents.

  • The bag is an attractive one but sturdy as well
  • It is one of the most inexpensive laptop bags available on the market
  • It is a water-resistant laptop bag
  • Lightweight
  • Four pockets for small documents
  • It can accommodate a 13-inches laptop alone
  • The bigger laptops do not fit in

Best Backpacks Under 1000 (FAQ)

Which is the best brand for backpacks?

Some of the best brand for backpacks are-:
American Tourister Backpacks
Wildcraft Backpacks
Skybags Backpacks
F Gear Casual Backpacks
HRX by Hrithik Roshan Backpacks
Fastrack Backpacks

Which is the best backpack under 1000 in India?

HEROZ Harbour Unisex Laptop Backpack is the best backpack under 1000 as it gives all the features that are required for an ideal bag.

Which are the things we need to check before buying a backpack?

You need to check the material of the bag, design, and the durability of the bag. It must be good to make your bag worthy.


So we hope that our information helped you much for purchasing the best backpack under 1000. We welcome all your query and Questions so if you have any questions kindly comment it in a comment box we will surely solve it.

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