Best Earphones Under 500 – Reviews(2020) Updated

best earphones under 500

Finding the best earphones under 500 it’s very difficult because every user wants the best build quality, great sound quality, Comfort level and microphone with a low budget but don’t worry we provide a list of best earphones under 500 who helps you for purchasing the best earphones under 500.

List of Best Earphones Under 500

Best Earphones Under 500User Rating Warranty
Infinity (JBL) Zip 1004.01 Year Warranty
SoundMagic ES11S3.81 Year Warranty
Sound One E103.76 Months Warranty
JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones with Mic3.71 Year Warranty
Realme Earbuds3.86 Months Warranty
BoAt Bass 220/2253.91 Year Warranty
Honor AM1153.91 Year Warranty
Xmate Joy3.81 Year Warranty
Sound One 6163.76 Months Warranty
Mi Earphones Basic 20183.81 Year Warranty

Best Earphones Under 500 in India 2020

1. Infinity (JBL) Zip 100

Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 earphone

The infinity earphone is specially designed for the music lover and travel-loving people. This earphone produced deep bass sound with an advanced wide 9mm dynamic driver which makes crystal clear sound.

Key Features :

  • The earphone has a good deep Bass Sound which makes it comfortable to listen to music. 
  • The earphone is designed as Comfort Fit in your ears.
  • This earphone has Hands-Free calling with One-Button Remote to make it comfortable during calls.
  • The infinity earphone has a tangle-free 1.2m and  durable Flat Cable.
  • The best quality earphone has Voice Assistant Integration.
  • The Earphone has a 3.5mm Gold Plated Angled Connector which connects to any mobile phone and computer.
  • The earphone has a 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.
  • The Earphone has soft earbuds which easily fit in your ears.

Pros :

  • Deep Bass Sound.
  • Comfort-Fit in your ears.
  • Hands-Free calling with One-Button Remote.
  • tangle-free 1.2m  Flat Cable.
  • Voice Assistant Integration.
  • 3.5mm Gold Plated Angled Connector.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Soft earbuds.

Cons :

  • Cord bit is too long.
  • Dust easily fills in the earphone.

2. SoundMagic ES11S

SoundMagic ES11S earphone

The sound magic ES11S is most demanded in the market and which has a good mic  for acting . Earphones provide call answering, pause and play with a one-button remote control. It easily fits into your ears and makes you feel comfortable while listening to music .

Key Features :

  • The earphone is a comfortable fit and distinctive design from other earphones.
  • The earphone has powerful bass balanced with superb musical details.
  • This earphone has  good balance, precise reproduction sound during the listening of music .
  • The earphone has good quality of noise isolation and hearing  protection .
  • The earphone is specially designed which makes you comfortable during running and doing workout.
  • This  earphone is good in this range .

Pros :

  • Comfortable fit and distinctive design.
  • Powerful bass balanced with superb musical details.
  • Good balance, precise reproduction.
  • Good quality of noise isolation.
  • Comfortable in running and during a workout.
  • Best earphones in this range.

Cons :

  • Noisy after sometime.

3. Sound One E10

Sound One E10 earphones

 The sound One E10 is  a dynamic 10 mm drivers vertical in-ear built-in mic with remote carry case. The earphone keeps you away from noise as it has noise isolation technology and bass lovers also like this earphone.

Key Features :

  • The earphone is made from high-grade aluminum making the housing rugged and durable, perfect for on the go earphones.
  • The earphone has a vertical housing design enabling easy adjustment and optimal wearing comfort with powerful 10mm drivers for sonic clarity.
  • This earphone has 3 buttons remote with a built-in microphone designed for both phone android and ios.
  • The earphone has Instruments and vocals reproduced with clarity, in the earphone.
  • The earphone has a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase.

Pros :

  • High-grade aluminum.
  • Vertical housing design.
  • Powerful 10mm drivers.
  • 3 button remote.
  • 6-month warranty.
  • Support both ios and android.

Cons :

  • Only 6-month warranty.
  • Noisy sometimes.

4. JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones with Mic

JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones with Mic

The JBL earphone is dynamic and light weight . It has  powerful 8.6mm drivers which feels good while listening to music . It supports both types of mobile ios and android and the frequency range of the earphone is  20-20kHz.  Sound Quality is well balanced, bass is good,Vocals & acoustics are clear even on 100% volume.

Keys Features :

  • The earphone has high Clean Bass for the use.
  • The earphone has one-Button Universal Remote with Mic and JBL Signature Sound also.
  • This earphone has a noise Isolation Microphone and feels comfortable listening to music or talking to anyone in the traffic.
  • The earphone has ultra Lightweight and Comfortable with 3 sizes of ear tips.
  • The earphone has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

Pros :

  • High Clean Bass.
  • One-Button Universal Remote.
  • Mic and JBL Signature Sound.
  • Noise Isolation Microphone.
  • Ultra Lightweight and Comfortable.
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty.
  • Frequency range 20-20kHz.

Cons :

  • Noisy sometimes and sound break.

5. Realme Earbuds

The realme earbuds has the new and upgraded, realme buds 2 with an ultra big 11.2mm bass driver which gives you a powerful bass. This realme earphone produces an amazing sound and you get a nice bass at all volume levels.

Key Features :

  • The best quality of the earphone is having a magnet which makes the easy solution to storation of earphones.
  • The earphone has a powerful 11.2mm bass boost driver which brings you a deep and powerful feel of the music.
  • The earphone has a 3 button remote with mic.
  • This earphone also has a cable organizer so that you can fold the earphone properly.
  • This earphone is more durable than other earphones because it is a tangle-free design.
  • The earphone has a premium, reinforced braided jacket that makes the earphone durable.

Pros :

  • Built-in Magnets.
  • 3-Button Remote with Mic.
  • Feel the Real Bass.
  • Tangle-free design.
  • Cable organizer.
  • Premium, reinforced braided jacket.

Cons :

  • Noisy after sometimes use.

6. BoAt Bass 220/225

BoAt Bass 220/225 earphones

The boat bass earphone is reliable and product quality is excellent at this price point. The metal housing in earphones holds up good, but colour may fade off after 1 year.

Key Features :

  • The earphone has 10mm drivers for sonic clarity bass-driven sound which has a good quality of sound.
  • This earphone has the quality of noise-canceling from surroundings.
  • The earphone has a one year warranty from the date of purchase 
  • The earphone has a tangled shape and is light in weight so it is easy to carry.
  • These is the best earphones under 500 Rs.

Pros :

  • 10mm driver sound 
  • Noise cancel from surrounding
  • 1-year warranty
  • Light in weight 
  • Tangle  shape 

Cons :

  • Color off earphone get faded after use.

7. Honor AM115

Honor AM115 earphone

The Honor AM115 earphones are so comfortable to use and you can buy this earphone at an affordable price. The noise isolation of the earphone is good and fit in the earphone perfectly.  

Key Features :

  • The earphone has Rich, snappy bass for a soothing, mellow sound that feels good while listening to the music.
  • This earphone has Clear, resonant mid-range rendering a textured timbre to vocals.
  • The earphone has a good frequency response and best listening experience.
  • The earphone has 3 buttons to handle your call and music at a time .

Pros :

  • Snappy bass for a soothing, mellow sound.
  • Clear resonant mid-range rendering a textured timbre.
  • Good frequency response.
  • 3 button.
  • 1-year warranty.

Cons :

  • Only white colour available.

8. Xmate Joy

Xmate Joy earphone

The Xmate joy earphones are easily fit in the ears and don’t cause irritation even after using it for long hours. The earphone also defines his cost because it cancels all outside noise coming from the environment. The sound quality of the earphones is too good. 

Key Features :

  • The earphone has In-ear 3.5mm Audio Jack Universal Wired Earphones.
  • The earphone has Hi-Fi Stereo Sound which makes me feel good while listening to music.
  • In the earphone, the high quality of the wire is used in it so that it transfers music easily.
  • The earphone has a Universal Gold-plated Connector which can connect any kind of mobile phone and computer. 
  • The earphone has a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Pros :

  • 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Universal Wired Earphone.
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Sound.
  • The high-quality wire used.
  • Gold plated connector.
  • 1-year warranty.

Cons :

  • Noisy after use.

9. Sound One 616

Sound One 616 earphones

The sound one earphone is good for taking audio calls, bass response of the earphone is medium. The earphone has gold metal plated jack; it is easily fit in every mobile and computer.

Key Features :

  • The earphone has Dynamic 10mm driver due to this earphone fitted in every mobile and computer.
  • The earphone has a powerful, bass-driven stereo sound that can make you feel and enjoy the music.
  • This earphone has noise isolation & ergonomic comfort design.
  • The earphone has extra bass which makes a difference from other earphones.
  • The earphone has a 6 month of manufacturer warranty.


  • Dynamic 10mm driver.
  • Powerful bass-driven.
  • noise isolation & ergonomic comfort design.
  • 6 months of manufactures warranty.
  • Hands-Free Calls With In-Built Mic For Clearer Conversations.


  • Noisy little bit after sometime.

10. Mi Earphones Basic 2018

Mi Earphones Basic 2018

The Mi Earphone is well known earphones in the market . This earphone is fitted in every mobile phone and computer . The bass of the earphone is very good and reaches the earphone to the next level.

Key Features :

  • The earphone has passive noise cancellation due to this quality noise not coming in the music.
  • The earphone has Premium Metallic Finish which makes the earphone good quality and also good looking.
  • This earphone has One Button Remote Microphone so users can manage the music and phone call both at the same time. 
  • The earphone has a 1-year warranty.

Pros :

  • Passive noise cancellation.
  • Premium Metallic Finish.
  • One Button Remote Microphone.
  • 1-year warranty.

Cons :

  • Noisy after time of use.

Conclusion :

Thank you for reading this post and we think you find your best earphones under 500 in your comfortable budget and as per requirement, If you have any type of question related to earphones please comment in our comment section.

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