Best Electric Room Heaters in India (2021)

Best Electric Room Heaters in India

Winters can be pretty rough, tough, and cold, particularly in the Northern pieces of India. Now and then, the temperature tumbles down under 10 or 5 degrees. Sofas or blankets may not be adequate to deal with such an extraordinary climate. 

Thus, the Best Electric Room Heaters is the ideal arrangement. These gadgets can keep up enough warmth and warmth inside the room in any event, during freezing cold months. 

A few models of room warmers are accessible in the Indian market. To pick the correct one as indicated by your prerequisites, consider the beneath factors… 

Warming Technology: Two distinct advancements are seen in room radiators – brilliant and convection. In the event that you need to heat up a room or little space, at that point convection is a decent decision. Nonetheless, for huge spaces and spot warming, brilliant warming innovation is useful. Infrared room warmers utilize brilliant innovation. While fan and oil-filled radiators use convection innovation. 

Size: As a thumb rule, recall that a room radiator uses 10W for warming 1 square foot of room. In this way, for warming up 150 sq. ft, a room warmer uses 1500 Watts. On the off chance that you need to custom compute according to your necessities, beneath is the equation. 

Equation for Calculating Required Wattage According to Square Foot Space 

All out Wattage/10 = Total Square Foot Area (or) 

All out Square Foot Area X 10 = Total Wattage 

Aside from these two elements, you ought to likewise consider different elements like commotion levels, indoor regulator, heat settings, wellbeing highlights and others. Our Buying Guide has detailed depiction of the components and data to help you the best. 

We’ve done a piece of research on room warmers for a few days and got the Top 10  Best Room Heaters in India 2020.

Buying Guide

It is difficult to pick a solitary item among several alternatives present on the lookout. To disentangle this cycle, we have given a few elements to consider while buying a room radiator. This purchasing aide will assist you with picking the correct one as indicated by your extraordinary prerequisites.

Heater type

Based on their heating abilities, room heaters are further divided into the 3 types – ceramic, oil-filled and infrared. We have provided detailed information below – read it carefully to understand which one suits your best.

Ceramic Heaters

In ceramic heaters, the electric flow goes through artistic warming components. This allows the aluminum to aluminum and warming components to rapidly warm up. In the interim during a similar time, the cool air is sucked into the base from the encompassing.

From that point forward, the air will be ignored by the bewilders and warming components. This warms up the air and eventually flows into the room utilizing a fan. That is the reason, they are frequently alluded to as fired fan warmers. 

When contrasted with others, they work at lower temperatures and are fit for delivering the same measure of warmth over the room. Fire warmers are commonly utilized for a little office or warming single rooms.


  • Fan is used to provide instant hot air flow 
  • You can aim the direction of air according to your requirement 
  • Perfect for small spaces like office room,cabins or any other 
  • Compact and portable

Oil Filled Heaters

Oil-filled heaters simply look like customary radiators, be that as it may, they are minuscule. They contain a progression of joined sections that appended at the base with a control board.

In contrast to conventional ones, oil-filled warmers are convenient. Inside these segments, diathermic oil is available which goes about as a warmth store. As the oil isn’t utilized as fuel for heat age, it won’t be utilized which implies you don’t need to top off. 

Working of oil-filled radiators – When you plug into the attachment, the power will straightforwardly stream to the warmth supply. This will transform power into heat which will at that point be consumed by the diathermic oil. When the oil is heated up, it will move through the sections.

The development of oil will move the warmth into the metal sections. Presently the warmth will emanate around the room utilizing air’s normal convection. These kinds of radiators take some time in warming the oil yet give the liberal measure of warmth enough to warm up the whole room.

Infrared Heaters 

They are otherwise called brilliant infrared warmers. They utilize a similar working rule that warms up the earth – warm energy will be moved as warmth to any object or individual present in its way. Ordinarily, infrared warmers utilize two sorts of warming components. 

Quartz Tubes – These typified tubes typically have Nichrome warming wire (which comprise 80% Nickel and 20% Chromium). 

Cylindrical Heating Element – This sort utilizes strong metal components for interior warming which like the working standard of stove – where the metal packaging is warmed up first which at last lets the warmth move straightforwardly to the articles present around.

Heating capacity

The greater part of the room warmers accompany heat settings which help to change as indicated by room temperature. For the most part, 3 warmth settings are watched – low, medium and high which work by adjusting the wattage.

You can likewise kill heat setting choice by exchanging a catch, on the off chance that it isn’t reasonable for your necessities.

Energy Efficiency

Room heaters  can’t deal with the measure of occupation a focal warming framework can do. They are intended to heat up little spaces. In the event that you heat up enormous regions past the limit of a room heater, at that point you will have expanded power bills. 

Shockingly, room heaters don’t accompany energy effectiveness evaluations. Furthermore, it is hard to think about the energy effectiveness of these gadgets as different elements can affect their efficiency.

A portion of these elements are indoor temperature, space size, if the space is protected, what temperature is set and others. 

Be that as it may, in the event that you need to improve the energy effectiveness of a room radiator, at that point follow these straightforward tips… 

  • To limit drafts and expand heat maintenance, we prescribe to keep the windows and entryways shut while utilizing room warmers. 
  • On the off chance that the room warmer has vents, at that point clear the collected trash and residue. 
  • To remain agreeable, it is smarter to keep up the temperature at most reduced level rather than most noteworthy temperature at constantly. 
  • Situating the warmer to the correct course lets the warmth arrive at the objective territory impeccably. This will prevent you from turning the gadget to its most elevated level, consequently forestalls any energy wastage. 
  • Likewise look for certain highlights like clock, customizable indoor regulator and low wattage power for diminishing energy utilization.

Safety Features

Much the same as some other electrical gadgets, it is smarter to buy a room radiator that accompanies at any rate scarcely any wellbeing highlights. We have referenced some of them underneath… 

Cool to Touch 

As the name recommends, it determines that the external packaging of the room radiator is heat safe. Thus, regardless of whether you contact it accidently, it won’t bring about any consumption.

This element isn’t accessible in a portion of the room radiator items in India. This component is significant, particularly on the off chance that you have children or pets in the home. 

Tip Over Cut off Switch 

Because of their smaller size and lightweight highlights, compact room radiators are frequently moved starting with one spot then onto the next – this occasionally makes it liable to fall or spill, particularly when it knocks with any item.

In certain circumstances, children or pets may attempt to get the room radiator or even attempt to move it. In the instances of falling over or abrupt force removal, the room warmer will kill itself quickly to evade any possible danger of fire perils. 

Overheat Protection Switch 

Overheat assurance is another significant wellbeing highlight to consider. This is accessible in the majority of the room warmers present in Indian market. At the point when inside segments arrive at dangerous temperature, the sensors will advise the change to kill right away. 

Aside from these three highlights, additionally think about others like defensive flame broils to cover warming loops and indoor regulators. Some cutting edge room radiator models accompany movement sensors which identify and turn off the warmer when a child or pet comes excessively close.

Noise  level

Much the same as some other electrical apparatus, room warmers additionally produce some clamor while in operation.Basic thumb rule when considering commotion factor is – fan prepared room radiators produce commotion and fan-less models produce less or no commotion.

Non-fan radiators (brilliant or oil-filled warmers ) generally work murmur quietly. In this way, they are ideal for rooms and offices. To check if the item you pick produces commotion, look at the decibel evaluations. The higher the rating is, the stronger the machine will be.

Best Electric Room Heaters in India: Reviews

1.Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater (White)

The Indian brand is probably the biggest provider of family unit electrical items. The Orpat convection fan radiator is perhaps the best creation. At a little greater cost, this is our second proposal for you. 

This room radiator is controlled by a 2500 Watt engine, which is equipped for warming a 250 square foot room. It’s phenomenal at spot warming methods it warms up rapidly inside a couple of moments. Thus, this is an ideal decision for a medium-sized room. 

You get two warmth settings—2000 Watt and 1000 Watt, to keep it agreeable all through the climate. At the point when the external temperature is chilling, set the 2000 Watt setting when it’s nearly hotter and set the 1000 Watt to spare force utilization. 

You can change the fan speed with the other handle. The fan cabe utilized without warming capacity which works as an ordinary fan. The outside is made cool-to-contact to shield your hands from unplanned consuming. It even has a touch sensor. 

It has each wellbeing highlight beginning from the warm cut-cuts the force association when within segments arrive at a risky temperature. Wellbeing cut off, which kills the gadget when the necessary temperature is accomplished. 

The in-assembled handle makes it simple to move. The plan looks advanced with your insides, and the size is ideal for putting it some place far off. 

Orpat OEH accompanies a 1-year guarantee covering the body parts and the engine. A few people referenced it got signed. One should remember that it requires a 16 Amp plug, any not as much as that can burst into flames.

  • Ideal for spot heating
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 2 thermostat settings
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Touch sensor and thermal cut off
  • Long cord length
  • Only a few service centers across the country
  • Noisy fan

2. Steelwood 2000 Watt Fan Room Heater, White

It is a cool, warm, and hot fan room heater that can provide you all types of winds which can be controlled with a selection knob. You must know that you can change the heating power, not the speed of the fan.

Air throw ranges upto 10 feet which is ideal for medium as well as small room and the benefit of this product is you can put it either vertically or horizontally.

If you get some burning smell while you run it for the first time then it is normal you don’t need to be worried about it because motor vanish gets heated for the first time and smells like burning. It will be changed after a few uses.

  • Selection knob
  • Heat controller
  • High air throw
  • 3 type wind availability
  • The smell of burning for the first time.

3.Candes Nova 2000W All in One Blower Silent Fan Room Heater (White)

This warmer has been designed with a high quality plastic body and grill to give you long durability.this is basically a fan type heater and has 12 fins along with three heat has a great performance as it gives you the option to choose from the three heat settings.

This heater features the Rota-matic Swivel technology that has an automatic revolving mechanism. It has a revolving angle of 60 degrees and a tilting angle of 45 degrees. 

This heater comes with a Quartz heating element and has two heat modes that are High and Eco. It has a rating of 1000 watts and 2000 watts and a coverage of 50 to 150 square feet. Along with all it has a One-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Rota Matic swivel technology
  • 2 heating modes
  • 1-year warranty
  • Great performance
  • Excellent designing
  • None


The following infrared heater on the rundown, the Bajaj Minor, is pretty much like Orpat. On the off chance that you are searching for a little size infrared radiator for your little size room, check this one. 

The 1000 Watt brilliant radiator is equipped for warming a 125 Sqft room quickly. The tempered steel made reflectors transmit the warmth much effectively inside a brief timeframe devouring less power. 

The infrared warmth transmitting plates are made of erosion safe nickel and chromium. They move momentarily and take under 15 minutes to warm up a little measured room. This, as well, has the overheat assurance and warm cut security. 

The plan is prevalent as far as style. The inclined legs make it very durable. You can put it away from the child’s range at a higher spot. It is exceptionally lightweight and compact. In any case, you must be exceptionally cautious as it gets very hot. 

There are no indoor regulator controllers, yet all infrared radiators are more energy-sparing than the convection/fan warmers. On the off chance that you have children or pets in the house, you must be additional wary about wellbeing. Whenever contacted with uncovered hands, they may get injured quite severely. 

Bajaj Minor Radiant room radiator is somewhat more costly and accompanies a 2-year guaranty.

  • Instant heating
  • Overheat protection and thermal cut off
  • ISI approved
  • 2-year warranty
  • Lightweight portable
  • Good customer service
  • Only for small rooms
  • Only one heat settings

5.WINOTEK Quite a Performance Smart Room Heater/fan Heater (White)

Zigma Z-30 Room Heaters Are Made Using One Among The Latest Newly Improved Technology For Fast And Quick Heating Of Any Room.

It Comes With Adjustable Temperature Control Option Which Allows You To Choose From Different Heat Settings. Also, Its In-Built Quality Of Material Used Is One Among The Highest Grade Used For Good Quality Performance.

  • Adjustable temperature control option
  • Good performance
  • Different heating setting
  • High quality
  • Premium heating
  • Not good for big rooms

6. AISEN 2000 Watts Fan Heater with LED Power Indicator, High-Temperature Resistant, Auto Thermal Cutout (Black)

It has a Powerful RPM copper winded motor which gives you quick heating and high air throw range of which is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms.

Along with a 1-year limited warranty and has an adjustable thermostat setting for controlling temperature according to your need that is Hot, cool, or warms through a selection knob for heat setting.

It also has built in overheating protection that means it will be off if overheated.

  • Overheating protection
  • Selection knobs
  • RPM copper winded motors
  • High air throw
  • 3 modes
  • None

7.Orient Electric Areva FH20WP 2000/1000 Watts Fan Room Heater with Adjustable Thermostat (White)

This heater is meant for spot heating and it covers an area of 180 sq ft. It has a full copper motor for long durability and has ABS plastic used as body material along with it gives you two heating modes of 1000W and 2000W.

It comes with a 1.3 m power cord which gives you easy assistance. It also gives you the option for keeping it bi directional that is horizontal as well as vertical.

The fan speed it provide is 2300 RPM so you can use this as a fan during summer and it has Approved by ISI, 5 levels of protection provides enhanced safety

This is made up of ABS body and metal mesh for better aesthetics and safety and also has free Guarantee replacement for 1 year from the date of invoice valid on manufacturing defects only. Orient also give 1 year replacement warranty valid on Manufacturing defects only


  • Small in size
  • ABS plastic
  • Long cord
  • Bi-directional
  • 1-year warranty
  • Create noise when placed horizontally

8. SHOPECOM Small Electric Handy Room Heater Compact Plug-in||The Wall Outlet Space Heater

Fast Heating:- Ceramic heating element creates energy-efficient warmth quickly in 3 seconds. Energy-efficient and Portable:- Ceramic heating element for energy-efficient operation Overheat protection: PTC ceramic element is self-regulating With the design of over-heat protection for thermal control

Adjustable Temperature & Silent:- Adjustable thermostat control monitors the temperature around you for optimal heating Compact Design:- It’s compact enough to take anywhere, Great for the camper or give it to the kids for their college dorm rooms. Handy Heater provides quick and easy heat instantly! Just plug in and turn it on. The compact design for convenience.

This powerful ceramic heater heats up to 250 square feet of space. It is perfect for garages, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Free up floor space since there are no messy cables! Handy Heater features a whisper-quiet operation and an auto-shutoff timer.

It stays cool to the touch, but heats up fast! The adjustable thermostat ranges from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit Electric Handy Heater is easy to use just find a standard plug socket, plug it in and set the temperature. You can take this Portable Heater in your bag, pocket, or even in your hand at any place you desired.

  • Small in size easy to travel
  • Compact design
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Stays Cool to the Touch
  • Whisper & Quite Operation
  • only used for the small rooms

Best Electric Room Heaters in India: FAQ

1.Which are the best room heaters in India?

According to me, you should check the above buying guide to get the best out of all as every heater is good in their aspects for Mr bajaj minor is one of the best as you need t worry for its fault after purchasing it.

2.What is a good room heater under Rs. 2500 in India?

All room warmers have various details anyway the best radiator under Rs 2500 is the Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater which is wonderful to warm a room of region around 120 sq feet. It has positive audits from about 100s of upbeat clients.

3.What is the best space heater for a bedroom?

The best space heater for a bedroom is singer heat glow plugs as it is low in plus and is capable of heating big rooms also.

4. Where should I keep my room heater?

You should always keep your heater near your bed to keep you warm in chill colds so try to place it where you have to spend much of time trying to place it at a dry location to prevent short-circuiting.

5. Does a room heater produce Carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide harming — CO harming for short is regularly called a “quiet executioner” on the grounds that the gas has no smell, shading, or flavor, so it can develop in your home with no noticeable signs. At the point when it does, you may feel lethargic and drop before you understand what’s going on and in case you’re debilitated, you could pass on if not eliminated to a spot with new oxygen rapidly.  


Along these lines, these were the 8 best room warmers in India. I trust we had the option to give all the appropriate responses identified with a room radiator. Continuously offer significance to wellbeing highlights. Never purchase a room warmer without overheat security. 

You more likely than not make your brain on your buy. In the event that you are as yet pondering which one to go for, you can take our recommendation. Go with the Amazon Solimo2000 Watt radiator. It has all the wellbeing highlights, 2 indoor regulator controllers, temperature control, the cost is on point, and you will get a 1-year guarantee from Amazon itself.

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