Best Helmets Under 2000 in India (2021)

Best Helmets Under 2000

In India, every day many people lose their life in a car or generally in a bike accident due to lack of safety. These days generally the youth is driving the bike at high speed without wearing helmets which are leading their life in danger.

To ease your budget and save your time from getting wasted in a search for a good helmet we have found the best helmets under 2000. There are few things that one should have to look after before buying the helmets like design, comfort and budget.

Everyone doesn’t have that much money to spend on tits and bits so they try to compromise with the quality but in this matter, one should not compromise with the quality. So let’s see which are the best helmets under 2000.

Best Helmets Under 2000: Buyer’s Guide

When you are paying for something you try to get the best out of that box so you need to know what are the things you should look after before buying the helmets like design comfort material and quality of the helmet. It should not like it broken into two as soon as it gets hit by the floor. So let’s learn something to get the best purchase.


Before buying anything firstly you check how is this looking on you because of look matters in today’s era. There are helmets for every category like if you are then you are young they probably have a cool design and if you are old they have a simple design. So choose according to your age and your bike.


Quality should be best while purchasing anything because if you are giving your money for something you have full right to get the right product. So you should look for durability by checking the material and outer cover and try to buy a good company helmet like a steel bird because once you can compromise with the money but you can’t compromise with your health as it is well said if there is a health there will be wealth.


Comfort is more important than many things if you are not comfortable with the thing you probably do not like to carry but if you are comfortable with it you will not find it tough to wear and carry it. You must look like you are comfortable and have no issue in breathing.

Best Helmets Under 2000 Reviews: (2021)

These were all basics that you need to see moving on to the list of best helmets under 2000.

1. Steelbird Air-1 Beast Matt Finish with Smoke Visor

Steelbird Air-1 Beast Matt Finish with Smoke Visor

Steelbird is one of the known and leading brands for helmets. Steelbird ensures you the world’s safest biking experience as its helmets provide the best safety for you. Steelbird are known for their durability and quality.

This helmet is easy to wear as it protects your head with severe head injuries and it is made up of the best material having the top quality which makes it unbreakable and has an excellent locking system. It has a replaceable and washable interior with Italian design and ABS material shell. 

This helmet provides you an innovative ventilation system as it is provided with an air intake in the chin guard, frontal, and top area.

It also carries two rear extractors recycling air inside the helmet and have micrometric buckles.

  • Replaceable and washable interior
  • high impactful ABS material shell
  • It carries ISI certification
  • An innovative ventilation system
  • Comfort is to the next level
  • No cons

2. Steelbird SBA-1 Free Live Matt Black with Grey with Smoke visor

Steelbird SBA-1 Free Live Matt Black with Grey with Smoke visor

Another one from Steelbird which have a stylish and unique design. Its outer surface is designed in such a way that it doesn’t allow air to be obstructed inside the helmet. This helmet has an aerodynamic design that helps in preventing air drifts.

It has an amazing look and has 3 air vents in a different area that allows you to have good air ventilation. As Steelbird is famous for durability and quality this amazing helmet has very good durability as well as good quality. It comes with a washable interior and carries a buckle with European standards.

  • Carry dark visor
  • Suitable for medium-sized heads
  • ISI approved helmet
  • Has a washable interior
  • Excellent durability
  • One should check for the size as it is medium size helmet so you might have an issue with the size

3. Vega Off Road OR-D/V-SKT-DKS_L Sketch Full Face Graphic Helmet

Vega Off Road Sketch Full Face Graphic Helmet

Vega is known for lightweight and it’s good quality. Its stylish look makes it quite different for others as youngsters find this much cool looking than others. It has a good cushioning that provides you comfortable riding and has a good quality visor which give it a unique look.

This helmet will offer you great riding experience as its whole body is made up of great quality material that absorbs shock very well.

  • ISI approved helmet
  • Comfortable to carry and wear
  • Carry great ventilation
  • Has a UV clear finish
  • It is light weighted
  • Perfect for rider but it will not look on old people

4. Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet

Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet

This is another good helmet for riders by Vega with the promise of good quality and durability. You can wear this helmet as open-face and full-face as per your need as it is suitable for dual purpose helmet and whenever you raise your jaw section the visor of this helmet will automatically move up and you can easily perform this action by just pressing a single button.

This helmet comes in multiple colors like black, red, and white shades.

  • Multiple colour
  • Automatic movement of visor
  • Dual-purpose helmet
  • Good quality
  • Excellent durability
  • No cons

5. Studds CUB 07 Helmet

Studds CUB 07 helmet

Studd, a brand that everyone can afford easily without thinking twice. This is a half-faced helmet that has premium looking orange, black and red color options. In addition to it this helmet has a visor which has UV resistant and partial wind protection.

This is a very good helmet at a nominal price with excellent features for every category person.

  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Color option
  • UV resistant visor
  • Lightweight
  • If you love sporty look then this would probably not you choice

6. Royal Enfield OP MLG (V) Open Face Helmet with Visor (Matt Black/White, L)

Royal Enfield OP MLG (V) Open Face Helmet with Visor

Royal Enfield is a love of every classic biker who loves to ride on bullets. For those lovers, Royal Enfield has brought this classic sturdy-looking open Face helmet with Matt black and white print in it. It has absolutely classic retro design with knitting and mesh interior.

The outer shell is made up of high-grade thermoplastic and the visor is coated with polycarbonate hard coating which is scratch-resistant. It also has chin straps with micrometric locks and weighs for only 1.52 kg.

  • Available in matt black and white graphics option
  • Highly expanded polystyrene inner lining
  • The visor is coated with polycarbonate hard coating
  • It comes in every size
  • ISI certifications
  • Not look on other bikes but it is perfect for bullet

7. Steelbird Vision Hunk Full Face Helmet

Steelbird Vision Hunk Full Face Helmet

Another very good helmet from the steel bird which is full-faced with multipore breathable interior. It weighs approximately 1.52 kg. The different feature of this helmet is that it has an anti-allergic and antibacterial coating.

The visor is also anti-scratch and comes with a tint effect. The fast release visor allows the rider to switch between both types of visors easily.

  • Lightweight
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Multipore breathable interior
  • Good for office purpose
  • quick release visor
  • Not that good in look for bikers

8. Vega Off-Road Full Face Helmet

Vega Off-Road Full Face Helmet

This is a simple and stylish looking helmet. This is an ISI certified helmet that provides you excellent comfort to give you the best bike experience.

This helmet gives you many color options and size options that are small, medium, large, and extra-large so you can easily choose which is best suited to you. The visor of this helmet protects your eyes from UV rays of sunlight.

  • Multiple color options
  • Multiple size option
  • Visor with UV ray protection
  • ISI certified
  • Comfortable
  • Simple in design
  • Not that good for riders

9. Studds Ninja 3G SUS N3G VFFH BLK XL Full Face Helmet

 Studds Ninja 3G SUS N3G VFFH BLK XL Full Face Helmet

If you want a simple helmet for your bike then this is one of the best helmets under 2000. This full-face helmet is ISI approved and available in extra-large size too. There are many color options for this helmet-like black, cherry red, Matt black, silver-grey, and white color.

The quick-release chin strap mechanism of this helmet is easy to use and the visor is made with polycarbonate and which is scratch resistant.

  • Quick-release chin strap mechanism
  • Many color option
  • Good for girls
  • Visor is scratch-resistant
  • Not rider type
  • Very simple in design

10. Studds Marshall SUS MOFH BLKL Open Face Helmet

Studds Marshall SUS MOFH BLKL Open Face Helmet

If you are looking for an open face helmet under 2000 Rs then Studds Marshall SUS MOFH BLKL open face helmet is the best option for you. This is an ISI certified helmet available in large, medium, and extra-large sizes.

The polycarbonate visor of this helmet is coated with Silicon which is scratch resistant. This helmet is available in 4 different colors like black, white, cherry red and matt black.

  • Many colour option
  • Available in many size
  • Visor is silicon coated
  • Unisex helmet.
  • Comfortable for office worker
  • Very simple
  • No other cons

Best Helmets Under 2000 (FAQ)

Which is the best brand for a helmet which ensures good safety?

The best brand for helmet are:
Steel bird

Which helmets are best for riders?

The best helmets for riders are generally Vega which provides you with an excellent look and ensures your complete safety.

Which helmet is best for bullet lovers?

The best helmets for bullet lovers are from Royal Enfield itself because it gives you the best experience of riding a bullet.


This was all from our side we have tried our best to give you the best information regarding the best helmets under 2000 but if you have any queries regarding anything under this article you can surely comment in the given comment box we will reach you as soon as possible.

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