Best Portable Speakers India Under 2000

Best Portable Speakers Under 20000

Searching for good speakers then you had landed at the right place. Speaker increase the love towards music as it makes you feel every beat and lyric. So you enjoy that feel you need to have good speakers who have all features to set your mood every time.

Budget is always an issue for a growing family because everyone needs to fulfill their prior basic requirement so we have come up with the best portable speakers under 2000 in India so you can enjoy your love and passion for music without thinking or hiking up your budget.

Before moving to the list and details of the portable speaker let’s have a look at what we need to learn before buying a portable speaker that makes you comfortable at every stage .

Best Portable Speakers Under 2000: Buyer’s Guide

You need to look into something before buying the product and bringing them to the home so you don’t feel discouraged after bringing them so let have a look what we need to check before buying portable speakers 

Light weight

It must be lightweight so you can easily carry it wherever you want. You don’t need to suffer while carrying it otherwise you will change your mood and get irritated and finally will not be able to enjoy the moment and your moods so so try to to get the portable speaker which is very light in weight and have a compact design with all the features in build in it.


It must be compact in the design so so you keep it anyway you want and it doesn’t feel like awkward at that place and suites every e room environment to give you the best feeling and experience the best moments of the time to make it memorable it must be very good greater the design. This is a very important thing to checkout while bringing this portable speakers at home.

Sound Quality

Sensor speaker and you are buying it to enjoy the love towards the music and the movements of your life it must have the great sound quality to make you feel of that song and have clarity so you can enjoy the lyrics without irritation of very loud sound and the distortion which creates an easy universe in your mind and you switch off the speaker and unable to enjoy the moment. So check it out while purchasing the best portable speaker.

Best Portable Speakers Under 2000 Reviews (2021)

1. Sony SRS XB01 Portable Speaker

Sony SRS XB01 portable speakers

Sony is one of the best brands in the world of speakers and music .It comes with a polycarbonate shell with a textured rubber finish for grip. It gives us several attractive colour options which you can choose from.

It has the metallic front frill looks clean and imparts elegance to the otherwise minimal design and The input ports are located on the sides with a flap covering them to ensure water resistance.

This speaker produces excellent quality sound output with pleasingly rich bass and clean and crisp vocals.The highs are very much audible and don’t feel too clingy. It comes with Extra Bass technology from Sony that works well enough to let out much deeper bass notes and will satisfy you with EDMs and hip hop music alike.

It comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which the company has integrated with this Bluetooth speaker for effortless pairing and Bluetooth v4.2 standard which it uses for wireless communication works flawlessly within a range of 10m without any signal drops or sound degradation.

It comes with a battery life of up to six hours of music playback with a 65% volume level and it takes around two hours to charge from zero to full completion.

  • Available in attractive colour options
  • Bass-rich sound output
  • Best for bass lovers
  • NFC connectivity
  • Solid build quality
  • Consistent Bluetooth v4.2 connection
  • No SD card slot

2. boAt Stone 700 Waterproof 10 W Portable Speaker

boAt Stone 700 Waterproof 10 W Portable speakers

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker for party time and any other outdoor activity, then boAt Stone 700 is the perfect option for you. Because of its water & shockproof body and massive 10W audio output. The Stone 700 is perfect for your indoor as well as outdoor activities.

It is sporty and built with a silicone plastic and rubber combination material along with a waterproof certification for any outdoor conditions. Despite its strong design, it looks like a very premium Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker has large rubber hardware control panel buttons on the top to make it even easier to locate and operate. On the top side, there is also a built-in microphone for voice calls that works well. You can connect this speaker using Bluetooth or a 3.5mm wired connection.

One can enjoy small group parties as it provides loud and high sound and clear. The trebles and mics are also clear. The bass, as claimed by the company as an extra powerful bass, is quite good,very deep and clear and  does not sound boomy or hollow.

The battery life of this boat speaker is also good. With a 60% volume, you can easily get close to 8 hours of battery life.

  • Solid build
  • Water & shock proof
  • Premium look
  • Heavy Bass
  • Loud and clear audio
  • Little bit bulky (500g)

3. Blaupunkt BT-52 Portable Speaker

Blaupunkt BT-52 portable speaker

Blaupunkt is a German company famed for making audio systems for automobiles. As with everything German, the build quality is top-notch. The device has a boxy design with a fabric mesh on the front.

It has a textured finish that is given around the chassis that imparts a premium look to the device. On the sides of it, there are ports for auxiliary input, a micro USB port for charging, as well as an SD card slot.

The Blaupunkt BT-52 comes with two 40mm driver speakers of 5W each that have a frequency response range between 65 – 18000 Hz which provides rich and ample with clean mics and crisp highs. There is no distortion in sound even at maximum volume levels.

There are two rubber grip pads on the bottom to hold the speaker in place without rumbling around when playing music. This Bluetooth speaker comes with a 1500mAh Lithium-ion battery that will last up to 6-7 hours on a single charge at an average volume level of 60%.

  • Aux-in support
  • Decent sound output
  • 6-7 hours of battery life
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • FM radio
  • SD card slot
  • No water/splash resistance

4. Portronics POR-871 Portable Speaker

Portronics POR-871 speakers

The Portronics SoundDrum POR-871 is my next choice in the list of best portable speakers under 2000 Rs. It comes with the compact cylindrical-shaped design and various connectivity options Bluetooth 4.2 BLE, Aux, USB, and also an inbuilt FM tuner.

It has a Solid and stable drum shape that gives a very classy and stylish look to this speaker. And compact size allows you to carry it easily with you wherever you go. It comes with an  International Protection rating IPx6 which means a water-resistant and dust-tight body that allows you to play anywhere.

Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, it also has inbuilt FM tuner, AUX, and USB support. It also gives you great convenience of hands-free phone calls. With an in-built mic and speakerphone facility.

The SoundDrum has two powerful 5W in-built speakers with great amplifiers to offer unbelievable sound output, sufficiently loud enough even in outdoor use. It offers great bass and stunning mid-range, the best in this price range.

The speaker comes with a 1800mAh lithium-Ion battery that can play music for more than 7 hours on a single recharge. It gives a 1-year warranty on the speaker and helps to get the best quality and support.

  • Stylish look & Solid build
  • Water & shock proof
  • Powerful dual speakers
  • Good Bass and balanced audio
  • Loud and clear
  • Little bit sound shake in high volume

5. Logitech X50 Portable Speaker

Logitech X50 portable speaker

Logitech is a company that tries to give you the best product at a very low price and it comes with a compact, hockey puck size with a rechargeable box. The speaker looks like a circular tiffin box and it will quite literally fit in the palm of your hand.

Logitech X50 comes with a little loop on the top that allows you to hang the speaker from a backpack or doorknob. It also provides us with a number of colour options  like orange,yellow,dark grey and green.

The speaker is designed in such a way that the sound is firing from one side of it. It is loud enough to fill a room or a small outdoor party with your favorite tracks. It can easily connect with a smartphone or laptop. It has a long battery backup of 5 hrs when you play it continuously.

  • Small compact size and good build quality
  • Good Bluetooth range (10m)
  • Good sound clarity
  • Good battery backup
  • Light in weight
  • No microphone for handsfree calls

6. Mi Pocket Portable Speaker

Mi Pocket portable speaker

Xiaomi the brand which you have made a number of mobile phones that are loved in the low range so it also launched accessories in the Indian market.

The Mi pocket speaker is one of the best speaker designs we have seen around. It has an excellent design that you can carry in a pocket which is made up of polycarbonate plastic material and a rotatable aluminium ring at the top.

It is provided with a LED light in front which indicates the pairing status with your smartphone or laptop. It gives the sound which is loud and clear, with minimal distortions at higher volumes.

The bass level is surprisingly good and compliments the crisp vocals and high notes gracefully. This Bluetooth speaker is good for indoor usage. You can use this speaker for a long time as its Battery lasts for 5-7 hours.

  • Stable Bluetooth LE connectivity
  • The intuitive volume control knob
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life
  • Tonally balanced sound output
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Upward facing speaker
  • No SD card slot

7. JBL Go Portable Speaker

JBL Go portable speaker

The JBL Go is your ideal choice if you require a small size Bluetooth speaker with good sound quality and battery life. It looks very stylish with a rubber finish body and rectangular shape design.

It is extremely compact and lightweight that allows you to carry it easily wherever you want. There are 5 buttons for Power, Bluetooth, Volume Up, Volume Down, and for taking calls. It comes with a Micro USB port, AUX cable port, and microphone.

The sound quality of this JBL speaker is really good with balanced treble. It can get really loud for a speaker of its size. The Bass quality is also good compared to the size of this speaker.

When it comes to the battery life, the JBL Go lasts for an impressive 5 hours on a single charge, which is really good for a small speaker.

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Portable design
  • Decent and balanced sound
  • Good battery
  • Small in size
  • Not for outdoor and party use

8. Mivi Roam Portable Speaker

Mivi Roam portable speaker

Mivi is an Indian company specialized in marketing feature-rich budget audio peripherals such as Bluetooth earphones and speakers.

The Mivi Roam is a dirt-cheap portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker that comes loaded with useful features at a very enticing price point. It is made from ABS plastic material.

The outer portion is covered by a hard fabric material mesh which adds a sense of premium feels to this budget Bluetooth speaker. This Bluetooth speaker comes with a lanyard for easy portability.

The compact Mivi Roam Bluetooth speaker is very lightweight and can be easily carried in your pocket or backpack with ease. At maximum volume levels, there is a bit of distortion but at this price point, it is to be expected but the bass is decent and the vocals are not overpowered by the same.

The Movie Room has a nominal battery life of about 6 hours per full charge at moderate volume levels.

  • Robust build quality
  • Stereo pairing with multiple speakers
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life
  • Stable and power-efficient Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • In-built mic for voice calls
  • Sound distortion at high volume

9. SoundBot SB571 Portable Speaker

SoundBot SB571 portable speaker

It comes in a rectangular shape and has very trendy and classy looks. It’s pretty light and easy to carry around and with dimensions of 6 x 2 x 1.6 inches which allows you to easily carry it outside in your backpack.

On the top side of the speaker are controls for a call, volume, and playback, while at the backside of the power button, 3.5mm and USB port are located. SoundBot SB571 is quite amazing in terms of sound quality. It is very clear and loud.

It comes with two 40mm unidirectional drivers, which are capable of delivering loud volume with 6W of sound each. The bass and treble sound is also good compared to other speakers in this price range. 

It also has a microphone on the device, so you can use it for hands-free calling as well. Overall, the sound in terms of volume and quality is quite good for a Bluetooth speaker at this price.

  • Good design
  • 6W + 6W powerful speaker
  • Very loud and clear audio
  • Good build
  • Bass quality
  • No water/splash resistance
  • Less pronounced bass in high volume

10. Boltt Xplode Portable Speaker

Boltt Xplode portable speaker

Boltt is an Indian company marketing affordable audio and fashion accessories. The Boltt Xplode is built like a tank, to be honest.

This Bluetooth speaker has a rectangular boxy design with hard silicon coating over the chassis and metal grill in front covering the speaker. This speaker feels very durable in hand and can withstand rough usage like a champ.

The control buttons are placed on top, embossed on to the silicon covering. The I/O ports are located in the back, under a rubber flap to ensure IPX7 water resistance. There is also a thick fabric strap, in case you want to carry this speaker on the cycle handle or attach it to your backpack while hiking.

The sound output is pretty robust with adequate loudness and bass response. The bass, however, doesn’t overpower the vocals, thereby delivering a pleasant music listening experience.

There is a slight distortion in the music when played with volume above 80%, so do note that point if you are to purchase this device. The Boltt Xplode will last you for about 7 hours on a single charge. This device takes around two and a half hours to juice up completely from zero to a hundred.

  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Bass rich sound output
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life
  • Robust build quality
  • Passive bass radiator
  • Light distortion at maximum volume levels

Best Portable Speakers Under 2000: FAQ

What are the key features that we should look for in portable speaker?

You need to look for everything before buying it but there is a basic thing that must be good for buying portable speakers they are-:
1. Light weight
2. Design 
3. Sound quality 
4. Battery backup

Which is the best brand for the best portable speakers under 2000?

There are many brand that promises to be best but that is not so, according to us Sony is one of the best portable speakers brand in the market which never promises fake and give the best service for the same.


So here is an end of my article best portable speakers under 2000 in India, hope you got all that you required and we will update if there is any change in the product list or any part but if you have doubt in any part you must comment in the comment box to ask it and we will reach you as soon as possible.

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