Best Soundbars Under 10000 in India (2021)

best soundbars under 10000

Music is the love of every generation enjoying the music with the same feels of sound, you need to have a good quality speaker that helps you to enjoy every beat of the song anywhere you want.

But searching the best item for you is quite tough these days so to ease your pressure we have searched the best soundbars under 10000 which gives you excellent sound quality at a very low price so you can enjoy the best version of music at your place without any hassle. 

Budget is always an issue for an Indian but I have searched for you to get the best product under your range and provide you guidance to get the best one for yourself. Let see a little guidance to make it easy to select your product.

Best Soundbars Under 10000 Reviews (2021)

1. Blaupunkt SBWL-01 Dolby Bluetooth Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer

Blaupunkt SBWL-01 Dolby Bluetooth Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer

Blaupunkt is a German-based sound systems company that has literally ripped off the audiophiles in a positive sense. The complete revolutionization of how we listen to music has been redefined by this Company in its entirety.

The quality with respect to their audio equipment and other products is literally unmatched and pales in comparison with many of the other brands.

The Company SBWL-01 Dolby Bluetooth Speaker packs in a lot of power and unparalleled specifications.

You can experience the sheer power of this 200W monster that’s raring to come out of your closet as you turn the volume up.

A great and genuine Dolby Sound experience which is about the highest level that anyone can possibly expect.

This product furnishes you with perfect audio of rich quality across all possible wavelengths and volumes. One of its unbelievable advantages is the way it has been designed.

The entire soundbar contains an air vent that allows a free-flow of sound waves. This enables you to enjoy your music with minimum distractions.

Another advantageous factor owing to its powerful sound is it is made up of wood. And the thing we know about music and wood is that they try to assimilate with each other rather perfectly.

  • 1 channel Dolby Digital Speakers with Subwoofers giving you a complete cinematic experience
  • Best selection for every music genre because of Blaupunkt’s EQ mode according to your mood
  • 8 inches Subwoofer with the addition of mega bass that would just make you feel unreal and gives you a hell of an experience
  • It also has an LED display that shines brightly and gives you an authentically great feeling
  • It also has multiple connectivity options. You can connect it with AUX, USB, Bluetooth, Optical, and HDMI
  • You can just select a device and play along some great beats using the SBWL-01
  • No cons from my side it is sufficient enough to enjoy the music in small room

2. BoAt AAVANTE Bar Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker With Subwoofer

BoAt AAVANTE Bar Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker With Subwoofer

The boat is another Company that is gaining multitudes of fans owing to its audio equipment and models.

The Avante Bar takes it up a notch and delivers an exceptional quality of sound, performance and so much more than your TV screen. You can capture all of your favorite moments like movies, TV series, songs, and so on.

It is designed for your entertainment which will make you forget everything. There is zero need for any kind of external device for connecting it with the Aavante Bar Soundbar Speaker.

There is a varied number of options included for this like the HDMI port, Aux cables, and others. Everything works for this. Aavante Bar fits itself in every kind of design and ambiance with zero kickbacks.

You can view your television with that much panache and comfort. Since it has been crafted to get that sleek and cool look, it is no wonder that it will make up for an intimidating presence at your home.

You also get the 2.1 Channel Surround Sound in the comforts of your home. You can just plug in, zone out, and enjoy the ride with utmost pleasure and tenacity.

  • The Aavante Bar is powered up with Lithium Polymer battery, coupled with a specialized power unit of 120 watts
  • Streamlined connectivity which lets you choose from any one of the three choices which are HDMI, Aux, and Bluetooth
  • Premium finish and sleek design give it great design aesthetics as compared to many other models in this price range
  • The Soundbar uses cutting edge equalizer technology thereby providing you with optimum sound output as per your requirements
  • Channel 2.1 is provided to give you the best music experience at your home
  • Will good for pleasant voice not the DJ one

3. JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar With Built-In Dual Base Support

JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar With Built-In Dual Base Support

This American sound equipments manufacturer has also carved a baseline for many competitors to have a go against. JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar is a prime example of perfection that you can get amongst many others in this competition.

The JBL Bar Studio is basically a wireless product with a built-in Dual Base Support which is a huge advantage among many other conventional soundbars. It packs in a whole lot of factors that make it a great product in this price range.

The Bar Studio gives you an effective surround sound with little to no hassles in terms of wired speakers and the like. It just blends in with your television or any accessory that you want to sync it to.

It also gives you a wireless music streaming facility from any mobile device around you and just rock and roll. The connectivity happens because of the Bluetooth and it’s a valuable addition to this.

The Bar Studio also works with your TV remote control effortlessly which is definitely a great thing. There were times when you would be having separate remote accesses to both your TV and soundbar.

This cuts back the disadvantage with one single connectivity option. You can easily set up the device with options like the HDMI and optical port that easily connects with your television. You can even plug your USB into the Soundbar and enjoy it.

  • JBL Bar Studio only weighs about 1.4 kg which is really convenient
  • The entire set consists of a Soundbar, remote control, optical cable, and an Aux cable, power adaptor, a wall-mounted bracket kit, and some safety sheets
  • Total output power for speakers is about 30watts
  • Optimum signal to noise ratio is about 90 decibels
  • Amazing sound quality that will give you the best ever experience for yourself
  • Channel it provide is 2.0 which is little less than other speaker

4. Boat Aavante 1200 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker With Subwoofer

Boat Aavante 1200 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker With Subwoofer

The Aavante 1200 Soundbar is a powerhouse in its own right and offers a slew of advantages and specifications for those who are the perfect audiophiles. Let us take a look at what this baby has to offer to us.

The 1200 Aavante crafted by Boat comes with a 2.1 channel surround sound feature that would just blow you away. It literally makes you feel that all of your worries would just melt away in an instant. It is created only with perfection in mind.

The product packs a subwoofer of about 40 watts that is created to give you a power-packed and a hair-raising bass that would kick in your shins metaphorically speaking.

It also gives you the premium high definition sound that resonates at every twist and turns with maximum accuracy and precision. The build quality is such that you would never miss a beat of your favorite composition.

Boat Aavante 1200 is designed for the pure entertainment of every form there is. Plus, it also has simplistic controls with an integrated dashboard and remote control that seams up effortlessly.

The product is designed for your pleasure, it is designed as per your comfort level and it is fabricated with you in mind.

  • You can connect your speakers with multiple connectivity options like the Bluetooth, USB, Aux as per whatever suits you best
  • It gives you 2.1 channel surround sound of the most premium quality imaginable
  • The product’s superior design is of an unbiased quality that makes for a great addition to your home and adds sheen to your décor
  • The 40-watt subwoofer is a complete powerhouse for a complete music fanatic More power, more bass, and unlimited fun are what sums this product up
  • Quite heavy according to weight as it weighs for 5kg

5. Philips HTL1193B/94 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

Philips HTL1193B/94 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

The Philips’ HTL1193B/94 Soundbar is a powerful product that integrates movies, music, and radio in one single box. You can enjoy the power of its subwoofers in the comforts of your home, and it allows you to do so much more.

The HTL1193B/94 gives you a virtual surround sound experience with rich and immersive quality. It is designed using a highly advanced spatial algorithm that replicates the sonar’s characteristics.

It can be used in any stereo thereby generating sounds that are larger than life. You can even enjoy movies courtesy of Dolby Digital which is a highly rated audio standard among many industry experts.

It gives you a completely realistic way of watching your favorite movies and TV shows with aplomb.

You can stream your music through any of your devices, be it your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mp3 players, laptops, etc. via a simple connection to this product. You can just connect this with your audio jack and enjoy the music.

You even have access to Digital FM radios with multiple music options and entertainment to your soundbar. You would be able to auto-scan all your favorite radio stations, store them up and access and play avoiding repeat manual tunings.

  • It also packs up a lithium-ion battery for stability and has a total wattage of about 40 watts
  • It gives you the sound enhancement features for treble and bass control, Virtual Surround Sound and Night Mode
  • Its powerful Dolby Digital kicks in your mood for great movie viewing
  • It consists of 2 * 2” Full-range Subwoofers for extended and great sound quality
  • Wall-mounted accessories available in the kit
  • The HTL1193B / 94 weighs around 6.22 kg which is very heavy

6. Panasonic HT-20 2.1 Channel Speaker System

Panasonic HT-20 2.1 Channel Speaker System

Another company that has carved a niche in the audio entertainment products is Panasonic. And the HT-20 2.1 Channel Speaker System tells volumes about its impending qualities and product value.

Let us take a sneak peek into the many advantages or in essence, what exactly does it offer. The HT-20 2.1 gives the best in class surround sound system with indistinguishable audio quality, something that is on par with the other soundbars in the list.

It provides you with a stereo mini input that lets you enjoy your favorite songs with the conventional RCA Connector input. This concludes the fact that it has streamlined and easy connectivity.

You can load up all your songs into your personal USB drive and accordingly attach it to the Soundbar. This ensures that you would be able to play your favorite playlists on the go and with zero interruptions.

The wooden cabinets provided by the HT-20 are handcrafted with the best quality materials. This ensures that you get a textured bass effect and a perfect amalgamation of voice clarity as well.

It is completely well-matched with your personal TV, DVD players if you have them still, PC, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. You can just connect it via Bluetooth and get the party started.

  • It has a total RMS power of about 60 watts
  • Sound distribution is on the 40-watt Subwoofer system and a 10-Watt Twin Satellite Speakers on either side
  • The Speakers are essentially tall and it also has a digital control panel with touch specifications and a jog dial
  • The HT-20 gives you the unmatched sound experience and it’s a must-have for any audio fanatic out there
  • The total weight of this system is about 11.2 kg, so it is heavier than most of the soundbars on the list

7. Philips MMS2160B/94 2.1 Channel Convertible Multimedia Speaker System

Philips MMS2160B 2.1 Channel Convertible Multimedia Speaker System

The Philips MMS2160B/94 is the beast-incarnation of an outstanding soundbar system. One thing is for certain, is that it packs up a whole lot of gear inside it and it sure as hell gives you everything that you possibly need. So, let’s find out what it contains.

The MMS2160B/94 packs in a 60-Watt RMS output power in its speaker system. This basically measures up the total audio power from the audio amplifier to the loudspeaker. Owing to its higher wattage, the sound quality is just great.

The product also comes in with a USB direct feature that can be plugged in directly. It can then be used to access it for later. The USB direct lets you see the files which can then be played along afterward.

Philips MM2160B/94 packs up a rich bass sound which is surprisingly natural and superlatively extraordinary. It also comes in with a separate loudspeaker box system that you can configure and set up for your use.

The product provides seamless connectivity with all of your devices providing you with minimum problems. It gets connected with your TV, smartphones, iPad, via Bluetooth and thus gives you a combined experience of music, movies and entertainment, all in one shot.

  • You get the 5.25” subwoofers along with the 3inch Speaker drivers
  • It has the optimum Bluetooth range of about 10 meters or 30 feet, plus it has the effervescent USB direct for music streaming
  • The Bluetooth connection works with multiple devices ensuring great connectivity
  • You can even stream songs from the radio since it contains the FM tuner bands for tuning into specific radio stations
  • The product consists of the remote control, user manual, and RCA cable for connecting the system effectively
  • The product weighs around 6.5 kg which is not that heavy but still not light

8. Philips MMS3160B/94 3.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

Philips MMS3160B  3.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

The MMS3160B/94 3.1 is also termed as the Active Speakers on the Philips website. The testimonials and the reviews have been positive overall, which is what makes it a great buy. Let’s’ dive deep into the specification set as to what it offers and what makes it special.

The main specialty for this product would always be its exorbitant power in terms of its speakers. The subwoofer driver towers at about 5.25 inches with a total RMS power rating of about 60 watts.

The sheer magnitude of that kind of sound is just enough. The power is essentially measured from the amount of electrical power that surges from the audio amplifier to the loudspeaker.

Since the amplifiers are limited owing to the electrical energy, they can amplify the sound and convert it into sound without any fluctuations. It also has an application called the USB direct which is used to access and play the audio files from the USB port.

You can just plug in, transfer what you need and accordingly play it up in this system. The MMS3160B/94 gives you the premium quality sound and great bass experience. It is all packed up and inside the loudspeaker system that comes bundled up with it.

  • It has the 3.1 channel surround sound giving you the most realistic audio experience ever
  • It has the 5.25-inch Subwoofer driver coupled with a speaker driver of 3-inches each on either side
  • All the devices like smartphones, laptops, etc. can be connected seamlessly with Bluetooth. It additionally gives you a range of about 10 meters or about 30 feet
  • It has the USB direct feature for continuous access to the USB files for playing them later
  • It is tough to carry here and there as it weighs for 8 kg

9. Philips IN-MMS4200/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

Philips IN-MMS4200  2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

Philips also provides sound equipment with a slightly lower margin as well for better customer outreach. Have a look at the Company’s IN-MMS4200/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System that gives you some of the cutting-edge specifications with respect to what the customers need.

The MMS4200/94 provides a good quality bass experience along with a great sound quality that is unlike anything that is seen before. The model has an easy connection letting you enjoy all kinds of music from your smartphones and computers as well.

Using your computers, you can connect the speaker with your headset output. The user can respond accordingly with the speakers streamlining the sync and giving you better sound characteristics.

The bass on this soundbar is out of this world. If you are a gamer and you want to enjoy a bass-oriented speaker at its fullest, then this is the one for you. Its elongated tube design gives the sound of an extended quality with increased bass.

The gaming consumers enjoy this product with panache and excitement owing to its strong subwoofer power output and of course the enriched bass output.

It also bundles up a loudspeaker box system along with a remote control that works seamlessly. It contains a user manual that would give you all the information that you need.

  • It has the total audio wattage of about 50-watts, and the speaker’s nominal output power is about 25-watts
  • The total RMS output that it gives owing to clearer sound is about 45RMS, with the woofer emanating the power of about 20-watts
  • The Subwoofer you get would be about 5.25inches, and it has a 2.1 Surround Sound capability, plus it is a convertible product
  • The Company gives you a year’s warranty on its purchase
  • No cons as it is excellent product in such a low price

10. Philips HTL1032 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Sound System

Philips HTL1032 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Sound System

This is another one of the flagship audio equipment for Philips and it has gained some rave reviews owing to its specifications and build quality and numerous other things.

Let us take a look at some of the primary points in consideration of this product. Philips’ HTL1032 2.1 is designed for a complete musical experience giving the users an unforgettable experience.

You enjoy all kinds of music files, be itMp3, WMA, and other supported ones from all kinds of portable devices. Be it your laptop, smartphones, iPod, and others.

You can even plug in your USB device to skim through and set up a playlist on the Soundbar for listening to it as and when time permits. Also, owing to free selection in the file formats, you have all the choices that you can possibly wish for.

It also has a Bluetooth streaming facility that lets you connect with all your devices in real-time. Each and every one of them and all supported portable devices is included in that list.

The HTL1032 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar System also has a built-in FM radio that would help you in tweaking the required frequency, and listen in to your favorite channel with minimum problems.

  • The overall speaker output power is about 20W RMS and it has a subwoofer power output of about 10W RMS
  • The loudspeakers that come with this model are integrated with the main unit
  • With respect to the convenience of the product, it comes with a smart audio equalizer
  • The product can be mounted to the wall which adds sheen to the décor of your house
  • The accessories that come bundled with it include the user manual, remote control, and the 2RCA Cables among others
  • Little issue with the channel

Best Soundbars Under 10000 (FAQ)

Which is the brand that we can believe without having any doubt?

There are many trusted brands for soundbars that will have the best sound quality to experience the best version of music. They are:

Which are the qualities that we should look for in soundbars?

Generally, there are many qualifications that you should look for but we should look for the channel width as the sound quality of the soundbar depends on it only.

Which is the best range to put for the good soundbar?

The best range to get a good soundbar is 5000-15000 within which you can get the best soundbar for your regular use and within which you are comfortable to pay.


We have given you the best information regarding the best soundbar in India under 10000 but if there is any change as per the development of the technology we will keep you updating.

Still after this information if you have any query, so you can ask in the comment box.

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