Best Water Purifiers in India (2021)

Best Water Purifiers in India

Health is the most important thing that you have to look to before any other thing but people ignore this and give time to other things. Water is the most essential thing that a human body requires but everyone knows for good quality water, we need the best water purifier in India that delivers us a great water quality.

Everyone needs good quality water but didn’t have that range to buy a costly water purifier so we have searched best water purifiers in India under budget that you can easily purchase as it is under your budget and give you the best quality of the water that you can drink to get everything that is material, vitamin and other body essential.

So don’t waste your time here and there just go for the following details and the best water purifiers.

Best Water Purifiers in India: Buyer’s guide

Before purchasing anything you need to know a little bit about it so I didn’t have to bother after taking it home. The same goes for the water purifier.

Before taking a water purifier to your home just to the important features which need to be there before buying it as if you belong to a region where inlet water is low then there are some water purifiers that do not have TDS so we don’t prefer you to have those.

Features that you need to check are:

  1. Indication light-you must see that it has an indicator light that indicates you when the water purifier overflows or it has a low water capacity.
  2. Purification stages-every water purifier has replication stages at least five that try to give you the most purified water to maintain your health and give you perfect water for drinking.
  3. Lightweight-it necessary to check that should be lightweight so didn’t need to your brother when you have to shift from one place to another.
  4. Storage capacity-you must check the storage capacity of water purifiers according to you because there are many water purifiers that are low capacity so if you have a big family it doesn’t suit you.
  5. Budget is the most important thing when you go for the best water purifier because whenever you go to the market people show their companies the best and tend to buy costly things because they can get more profits in the accounts.

Best Water Purifiers in India Reviews 2021

1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart UV Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes is a great company for home machines like vacuum cleaners, water purifiers, and many others.

This water purifier is a UV Purification system which uses UV rays to kill bacteria, virus, and cysts. It clean water making it good and safe for drinking. 

The cartridge life of Eureka Forbes Aquasure is 6 liters, that is you can use 15-20L of water every day, you will have to replace the cartridge after a year.

It contains a carbon filter with a UV lamp that keeps bacteria away and activated carbon work 0.2 % impregnated silver.

It also removes color bad taste chlorine metal mineral dissolved gases that harm your body. There is an energy-saving mode that saves electricity and increases the life of the lamp.

It has Quartz Glass Purification which means that water does not touch any metal during the purification process.

It passes through a glass tube instead of a metal chamber. This can easily release 2 liters of water every minute as it has a high flow rate.

In addition to everything, it has a stabilizer that protects it from fluctuating voltage levels and damage. 

  • Slim and Light Weight Design
  • Good Output Flow rate
  • Long Filter Life
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Inbuilt stabilizer
  • Not Suitable for High TDS Water

2. Kent Maxx 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier

This purifier is valuable for its costs as it comes with a storage tank of 7L capacity and it can be easily detached for cleaning purposes.

KENT Maxx is a value for money water purifier with a storage tank of 7L capacity. The storage tank is detachable for easy cleaning. You can keep this water purifier on a table or mount it on a wall.

It can be used in an office or home too. This purifier ensures the supply of clean water even in power cuts. It works on double purification methods.

The UF after UV removes dead bacteria, viruses, and cysts from the fine pores of Hollow Fibre UF Membrane, thereby providing 100% pure, safe & tasty drinking water, which is ideal for consumption. 

It has unique alarms for filter change and UV fail alarm. It also uses a high power 11 watt UV lamp which provides complete deactivation of harmful microorganisms.

It is  automatic that is where it falls below a level and then switches off when the tank is full This ensures the free operation without any intervention of human

  • Solid Build Quality
  • Good Output Flow rate
  • Decent Pricing
  • Good After Sales Service
  • Automatic start
  • No RO Purification Stag

3. Kent Ultra Storage 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier

It is another best water purifier by Kent. It is a value for money water purifier with a storage tank of 7L capacity.

The storage tank is detachable for easy cleaning and You can keep this water purifier on a table or mount it on a wall.

The storage with a water level tank makes the purifier visually appealing and an ideal tool for use at homes and offices.

The storage tank is helpful as it ensures a supply of clean water even in power cuts. It also works on a double purification method.

Since KENT Ultra Storage is based on UV and UF technology that does not remove dissolved impurities, it is suitable for use where inlet water has low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

The Kent Ultra Storage has a computer-controlled operation that has two unique features – Filter Change Alarm and UV Fail Alarm.

The time-based filter change alarm notifies the user to change filters and the UV fail alarm is for alerting the user when the UV lamp becomes inefficient.

In both cases, the power supply to the purifier is cut off, thereby ensuring that impure water is not delivered to the user.

KENT Ultra Storage uses a high-powered 11W UV lamp instead of the standard 8W UV lamp which provides complete deactivation of harmful microorganisms.

The High-wattage lamp ensures better safety against harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

The operation of Kent Ultra Storage is fully automatic. It will start automatically when the water level falls below a level and then switches off when the storage tank is full.

  • Solid Build Quality
  • Good Water Flow rate
  • Decent Pricing
  • Not Suitable for High TDS Water

4. Livpure Pep Pro 7L RO + UF Water Purifier

Livpure has a lot of options in water purifiers. The Liv Pep Pro/Glo Plus + water purifier which provides a 7 stage filtration process water purifier at a price of around/under 10000.

There is another variant Pep Pro/Glo which is the same as Pep Pro Plus minus the UV part and costs around 3000 less. Here we take a look at the Liv Pep Pro/Glo.

It puts water under a five-stage purification process.

  • Sediment Filter
  • Pre-carbon Block Filter Cum Absorber
  • Antiscalant Cartridge
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane
  • Ultra-filtration Cartridge

This 5 stage filtration process is very effective and can convert water of TDS up to 1500 into the clean drinking water of TDS under 100.

It can output around 12L of drinking water per hour. This Liv Pep Pro water purifier has a very strong build and comes with an automatic switch on/off process.

It automatically switches off when the water tank is full and starts when the level is low. There are indicators on the front to display whether the tank is full or not. Overall a very decent water purifier under 10k.

  • Solid Build Quality
  • 5-Stage Filtration
  • Automatic switches
  • Great design
  • Indicators
  • None

5. Pureit Classic 5 L RO + UV Water Purifier

Pureit Classic is a classic water purifier as the name says. It has a 6 stage water purification process with the main stages of RO and UV.

It offers good value for money. Let’s take a look at its filtration stages:

  • Pre-Sediment Filter 
  • Pre-RO Carbon Filter 
  • Post-Carbon Sediment Filter 
  • The fourth stage consists of RO Membrane 5
  • The fifth stage is the UV Chamber 
  • Post-RO Carbon Filter

This 6 stage purification is very effective and can decrease the TDS of water from 1800 to less than 100 to make it safe for drinking. 

The storage tank capacity is 5L which is decent. The storage tank is extremely helpful during power cuts.

This Pureit water purifier has an automatic mechanism to switch on when water is less and switch off when it is full so you don’t have to operate it manually. 

  • Solid Build Quality
  • Good Water Flow rate
  • 6-Stage Filtering
  • Automatic operations
  • None

6. HUL Advanced 5L RO + UV Water Purifier

HUL Advanced RO Water Purifier is a compact 6-stage water purifier with a storage capacity of 5L.

It offers similar performance in terms of water quality but is small and portable suitable for small homes or offices.

It uses the RO purification mechanism and is capable of purifying water from all the sources with TDS up to 1800 ppm. It can output around 12L of water in an hour.

Though its size is small, it features everything in terms of purification that other purifiers come with.

Its 6-stage purification comprises the RO membrane that is responsible for removing the hardness of the water and reducing the TDS to safe drinking levels.

This purifier also has a micro-charged membrane that provides double protection to the water purification process.

  • Strong exterior body material
  • Compact & Portable
  • Small in size
  • 6 stage purification
  • No UF Stage

7. Livpure Glitz+ 7 L RO + UF Water Purifier

Livpure Glitz+ Water Purifier combines the RO + UF technology and offers clean drinking water. It is highly compact and well designed.

Livpure purifier also has 6 stages of purification namely Antiscalant cartridge, sediment filter, Pre-activated carbon adsorber, reverse osmosis membrane, UF cartridge, and Silver Impregnated Post carbon cartridge.

With its RO Technology, it can treat water with TDS up to 2000 ppm and can output around 12L of water in an hour.

In this compact size, it weighs only 6Kg and has 7 litres of storage tank, which is good.

  • Great Design and form factor
  • Six Stage Purification
  • Great Value for Money
  • No Indicators to alert user

8. Hindware Calisto 7 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

Hindware Calisto is a 7 Litres water purifier that comes with 6 stages of RO + UV + UF purification filters.

It has a stylish design with white color and looks elegant and has strong build quality.

The filters have a life of around 6000 liters of water purification and the system can clean water with TDS level-up to 1800.

With its purification, you get clean water free of salts and any microbes. Hindware is a big name in the industry and they have kept the trust with this purifier quality.

In total, you get a sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, germ eliminator, post-carbon filter, and so on.

This purifier comes with a magnetic design with a detachable front cover making it easy to clean and service this purifier.

The 3 smarts LED indicators to add to the look of the purifier and indicate the current stage of purification is ongoing, completed, and appliance on/off.

The purifier has a warranty of 1-year on RO membrane and 6 months on all filters.

  • Perfect Design
  • Build Quality
  • 6 Stage of Purification
  • 3 Smart LED indicator
  • Easy to Clean and Service
  • None

9. Havells UV Plus 7L UV + UF Water Purifier

This is a beautifully designed water purifier from Havells and comes in an attractive Silver and Blue color combination which would look elegant in your kitchen.

On the features side, this UV Plus model has a 7 L of a storage tank with 5 stages of purification with UV + UF technology.

The water purifier doesn’t have an RO purification stage so it is not suitable for you if you get high TDS water in your area.

With 7 Litres of storage, it is suitable for a family of 3 members. Since it does not have an RO filtration, you cannot connect it to the tank water where the TDS is a bit high.

This purifier has three indicators for Self-diagnostic, purification, and tank full. The cover can be easily improved to clean it periodically.

It comes at the pricing of around 8500 which is on a little higher side but if you are looking for a stylish purifier with UV and UF purification, then it is a good option. 

  • Beautiful Design and Looks
  • 7 Liters of Storage
  • Three Indicator LED
  • UV and UF purification
  • Light in weight
  • No RO Purification Stage

10. MarQ by Flipkart 10 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

MarQ is a Flipkart brand and offers electronic appliances with good quality at very competitive pricing. 

This MarQ purifier has 7 stages of purification that gets rid of hardness, bacteria, virus, and other harmful microbes in the water. It has RO + UV + UF purifier stages.

This purification retains minerals in the water which is useful for the human body. The 10 Litre tank makes it suitable for a family with 5 to 6 members.

The purifier has an attractive design with the MarQ logo in the center. The 3 indicator LEDs are used to indicate power on, purification ongoing, and tank full status.

The water purifier has Tank Overflow Protection which uses an automatic float level Micro-switch. It controls the water level automatically and shuts off the pump when the storage tank is full.

  • Big 10 Litre Storage Tank
  • Good Aesthetics
  • 7 Stages of Purification
  • Great Value For Money
  • Average After Sales Service

Best Water Purifiers in India: FAQ

Which is a good company for a great purifier with all the facilities?

There are many companies who promise to give you the best facilities but they do not give you as they want to earn as much profit they can get but when it comes to matters of quality they fail. So the best companies for water purifier are:
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard
Liv guard

What is the range of water purifiers for a middle class family to get a good purifier?

Since it is a middle-class family so you just didn’t have that much of an expense that you can give abundant money in water purification so the range for getting a good water purifier is 10000-20000.

What are the key features to notice before purchasing it?

Key features before buying a water purifier are basically its features and its weight. Features like an indication of light when overflows indicate empty tank purification stages don’t take the minerals that are useful for health. There are many water purifiers that take minerals which are very useful for the body so try not to purchase those water purifiers who sucks the important minerals.


It is an end to all the information about the best water purifier in India so you can be healthy and smart enough to choose the better one for you. But if you have a query you may ask it in the comment section we will get back to you soon.

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