Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 in India (2021)

best wireless mouse under 1000

As the world is getting technology-based everyone has to do work on a laptop or desktop but it is not easy to do work on a laptop by using touchpad only so for long hours you need to have a good mouse which makes you feel comfortable and also lookss good.

A mouse is basically for those who have to spend the whole day with their laptops in offices or at college but if you have wired mouse then you will probably find difficult to do the work whole try to switch to the wireless mouse which will help you to be more comfortable.

We have searched a lot to provide you the best wireless mouse under 1000 as budget is also an issue always for everyone. Getting something best under the budget can be difficult sometimes so ease up your burden. We have done this research to facilitate you with comfort.

So here is a list of the best wireless mouse in India under 1000 to provide you the best facility ever and complete comfort.

Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 Rs: Buyer’s Guide

If you are going to buying anything in the market you try to get the best one for yourself but it is not possible until and unless you know some key points regarding it so we are giving you the basic knowledge of what you must know before buying a wireless mouse.


Wireless mouse  are generally brought to have a good connectivity with a laptop or desktop without any hassles. So this needs to be checked before buying that it has good connectivity or not or you are just going to waste your time and money both.


People generally buy a mouse so you can comfortably do their work on a laptop and can easily operate it but if that also gives pains then no use to buy that so check that it should be comfortable to your hands.


Look also matters in everything whether you buy a laptop or a mouse first every person sees how it looks. So you should look at how good your mouse is. Your look makes you presentable in every place so try to get the better-looking mouse then the regular ones.

Let’s move to list of best wireless mouse under 1000.

Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 Rs (2021) Reviews

1. Logitech M275 Wireless Mouse

Logitech M275 Wireless Mouse

Logitech is one of the known brands for these types of products like mouse and keyboard so I would like to put this mouse on the top of my list. This mouse is quite efficient and has a unique design that provides you good comfort.

This mouse comes in a matte finish which gives it a premium look and the scroll wheel is programmable through software that can be downloaded from the Logitech website.

In addition to all this, this mouse compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux and have 18 months of battery life. The mouse only needs a single AA size battery.

Its large surface area of pads ensures the mouse moves smoothly if half of the mouse is in use.

  • Ergonomic shape
  • 18 Month Battery Life
  • 1 Year Hardware Warranty
  • 1000 DPI
  • Good look and great comfort
  • Again, this one is only for the Right-Handed people
  • A bit more costly than it should be

2. Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse

Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse

Lenovo a brand which is known for its effective price and good quality.

This Lenovo N100 mouse comes with high-quality plastic body with matte finish gives it a premium feel and with a very small receiver which will give you the comfort for not getting distracted from your work and receiver is kept inside the mouse belly so that you don’t lose it when not in use.

This mouse is compatible with Windows as well as Mac. The mouse works fine from a long distance as long as it is kept in direct line of sight of the receiver.

  • Comfortable
  • Compatibility with both window as well as Mac
  • Premium look
  • The receiver doesn’t allow to be distracted from your work
  • Efficient
  • No cons from my side

3. Microsoft 3500 Wireless Mouse

 Microsoft 3500 Wireless Mouse

The Microsoft 3500 mouse comes with unique technology that is BlueTrack Technology, an advanced tracking technology that allows you to work smoothly on any kind of surface. It is compact in size, looks elegant and very easy to handle.

As all others this mouse also comes with a Nano transceiver which allows this mouse to be left plugged as it sticks out less than a centimetre from the USB port of the laptop, so less the chance of losing it.

  • BlueTrack Technology
  • Compact size
  • Look elegant
  • Very cheap
  • Nano transceiver
  • Little less compatible

 4. HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse

HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse

HP is a brand which promises the best quality and durability. This HP Z3700 is lightweight and sleek design. It has a very classic and premium look. This  wireless mouse is comfortable and can last up to 16 months on a single AA battery.   

This mouse is very slim that you can easily carry it in a pocket and use it anywhere you want. This mouse can work smoothly with any laptop as it has a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. it can be connected seamlessly to any laptop. It works on almost any surface because of the optical sensor.

  • Super Slim
  • Various colours to match your setup
  • 1200 DPI
  • 16 months life on 1 AA Battery
  • Blue LED Technology, which means it will work on most surfaces
  • A bit expensive given the specs are mediocre

4. Dell WM126 Wireless Mouse

Dell WM126 Wireless Mouse

Dell is a brand which provides you with a great laptop and it’s accessories. With dell promises this mouse is small and comfortable for a long period of usage.

This mouse is quite heavier than others as you insert the battery. It will feel sturdier and the battery lasts up to 1-year, which provides you peace of mind knowing that you can stay powered up longer virtually anywhere.

Thus this mouse has complete features that you just plug and play. You can easily connect up to six compatible devices with a single receiver.

  • Good Compatibility
  • 1year warranty
  • Comfortable
  • 16-month battery life
  • Small in size
  • Heavy than other mouse

5. Portronics POR-689 Puck Wireless Mouse

Portronics POR-689 Puck Wireless Mouse

This mouse comes with advanced ergonomic design of the puck which encourages the natural hand and wrist posture for less fatigue and stiffness in hand during long hour usage.

The well-designed thumb scoop along with the perfect angle and height of the PUCK allows placing the wrist in a comfortable position to reduce the pressure on the carpal tunnel area of the hand.

The PUCK is designed to operate at 2.4GHz technology for extremely fast data transmission and super stable operation compared to 27MHz mouse. It also gives an astonishing working distance of up to 30m and also avoids interference with any other electronic devices operating in the surroundings.

PUCK is a plug and plays mouse which can easily be connected with the PCs, laptops or Macbooks using a Nano receiver provided along with the mouse. The Nano receiver stows away in the battery compartment of PUCK when not in use. PUCK is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

The Nano receiver can be inserted into any USB 2.0 port. The DPI switch on the puck is an optical sensor with three sensitivity settings, 800, 1200, and 1600, for adjusting the faster or slower pointer speed, especially while making the color corrections or during the precise editing of the photos. 

  • 3 DPI settings with a maximum of 1600 DPI
  • PUCK allows placing the wrist in a comfortable position to reduce the pressure on the carpal tunnel area of the hand
  • The Nano receiver has a USB 2.0 port, which means faster interaction
  • Fastest navigation
  • Extremely good for graphics artists
  • Again, it is designed for Right Handed People only
  • Not comfortable for small hands
  • Takes 2 AAA batteries. No mention of battery life

6. Havit HV-MS976GT Wireless Mouse

Havit HV-MS976GT Wireless Mouse

This company is not that famous but let me tell you this would be an excellent product for you to use. Its pre-programmed button and easy to use scroll wheel make it easy to connect so you can use it just by plugging it.

It has an especially feature of auto sleep with time-sensing technology that will automatically place your mouse in sleep mode if it is leftover. You can enjoy the connection up to 15m with a 250Hz polling rate and 20G maximum acceleration.

This comes with a great and comfortable design as it has curved grooves for fingers and thumb so you can easily do work on it without any pain. It is very lightweight, pretty hard but easy to operate.

  • Changeable DPI settings up to 2000 DPI
  • 15m transmission range with 250Hz polling rate and 20G maximum acceleration
  • Very Ergonomic Design
  • Auto-Sleep for maximum battery life possible
  • 5 Buttons
  • Designed for Right-Handed Users only
  • People with small hands might be uncomfortable with it
  • Not so good battery life
  • Uses 2 AAA cells

7. Tecknet M003 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless

Tecknet M003 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless

This mouse is extremely responsive and never noticed any drops in being able to keep up with the frame rates in games. The DPI shift button of this mouse is extremely useful if you play different styles of games and need different levels of sensitivity.

It fits well in the hand and, although not rubberized, there are textured surfaces to aid grip and all of the buttons are well placed with the forwards and backward buttons being located on the left.

The mouse glides easily over surfaces and the braided cable is a bonus on a product at this price. Not only does it help with the longevity of the cable and the cable holds its shape, but it also provides less drag when gaming as the cable isn’t constantly trying to move into a different position.

There are no drivers to install, you just need to simply plug it in and go ahead. It lights up a cool blue when connected.

  • Comfortable design and grip
  • 2400/1600/1000dpi settings
  • 18 months battery life with auto power-off , when nano receiver is disconnected from PC
  • Total of 5 Buttons
  • This delivers a responsive and accurate mouse
  • The buttons are not programmable

8. Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

One of the top names in the industry is possessed by Logitech. And the Logitech M330 Silent Plus is its best option right now.

The mouse is an ultra-quiet mouse with 90 percent reduced click sound and the same click feel eliminates noise and distractions for you and others around you. It has special technology which allows it to be really quiet.

If the sound irritates you much then prefer to buy this would be your best option for office workers and students.

  • 2-Year Battery Life
  • Auto Sleep Mode
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 1000 DPI
  • 10m Range
  • Comfortable for Only Right Handed Use

Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 Rs (FAQ)

Which are the best brands for wireless mouse?

There are many brands for the wireless mouse but some are extremely good which out of the box they are :
1. Hp
2. Dell
3. Lenovo
4. Microsoft
5. Logitech 

Which is better between wired and wireless mouses?

Wireless mouse are better than wired mouse as wired mouse have many complications like sometimes wires are not connected properly so it will not allow you to do your work hassle free. To make your work hassle free go on with the wireless mouse.

In which range will we get the good wireless mouse?

For getting a good wireless mouse, you have to choose the branded mouse in the range of 1000-2000.


We served you our best to get you the best wireless mouse under 1000 and will also keep you updating if there’s any change as the world is growing with technology. But still, if you have any doubt you can ask in the comment box we will surely try to solve it as soon as possible.

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